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Bringing home baby

Harriet GoodingsComment

If you start typing ‘intro’ in to Google, top of the list is ‘introduce dog to baby’.

I’ve had a few people ask the question ‘What does Frankie think of Mabel?’ or ‘Is Frankie ok with her?’ so I thought I’d jot down our experience of introducing them to one another.

One’s not crying and the other’s not barking. It’s a good day.

One’s not crying and the other’s not barking. It’s a good day.

Admittedly, it didn’t cross my mind that Frankie may not like Mabel as I was aware he was around small children when he was a pup (we adopted Frankie when he was 3yrs old from a family who were moving abroad) and he’s great with my nieces.. so we’ve been fortunate to have witnessed him not being phased by crying infants. Dogs on the other hand.. (that’s a different post).

From my aforementioned Google search, I found dogstrust.com and positively.com to be the most informative, we followed most of the advised protocol and gave Frankie something that smells of Mabel, he did his nasal inspection and swiftly got back to his favourite task of the day - barking at people walking past the house. So far so good.

From Mabel’s initial arrival, Frankie has pretty much ignored her. He’ll go up to her for the odd sniff or face lick but all in all we’ve been lucky not to have a disgruntled pooch. He’s also mastered walking alongside the pram as well as sitting in the basket when he thinks he needs paw rest or when I need to sneak him into the post office.

Smile kids!!

Smile kids!!

Something I don’t think I was ready for (and looking back now this was as stupid as not knowing how to sterilise a baby bottle.. FYI no one tells you! and yes.. I could share a whole tutorial on it now!) was the way my time was now going to be split. BM (before Mabel) I was able to devote more of my days to picking him up, spontaneous belly rubs, booping his nose and sneaking up on him to get that perfect sleeping sausage picture before he’d realise I was being annoying again. Of course I knew things were going to change, but I don’t think I had considered how much my time would be taken up by learning the ropes of motherhood.


My biggest distraction

My biggest distraction

Nearly 4 months on and whilst Mabel gets cuter by the day and me, more tired. I find the time I do get to spend with Frankie is quality time. So if I’m able to nap in the day.. he’s my go to nap buddy. If I know I’m going to be out of the house or pre-occupied for a few hours then I ensure he has something to chew, a kong or has a walk beforehand if possible. Frankie’s the kind of dog who is quite happy to just be there, he follows me around the house, usually so that he has a good view of anything I may be eating so not much has changed there.

Luckily for Frankie, he has a weaning Mabel to look forward too, what with the highchair buffet, they’ll be besties in no time. 

Harriet and the gang xx

P.S… An important message from Dogs Trust ‘Remember; NEVER leave any baby or child alone with any dog – no matter how trustworthy you think they are.’