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Baby Mabel

Harriet Goodings

Just wanted to update you all on the past couple of weeks and introduce you to my daughter Mabel, the newest member of the Edition 12 pack!

Mabel Charlotte Drane, born 09/06/18 at 10.39am, weighing 7lb 8.

Mabel Charlotte Drane, born 09/06/18 at 10.39am, weighing 7lb 8.

Jonathan and I have had such lovely comments and well-wishes from family and friends and as I've got my hands-full right now, I thought putting everything on one page is much easier for my sleep deprived brain (plus I could use the traffic). So if I haven't replied.. you probably caught me in the midst of nappy changing and trying to work out whether Mabel looks like me or has inherited Jonathan's hairline. Looks like the latter.. but here's an overview of what's happened.


Contractions started on the Friday night and after being sent home from hospital and then returning within a couple of hours, I had dilated quickly which didn’t leave time for my planned method of pain relief - epidural. I had a birthing pool and gas and air but by the time Mabel was delivered I was on dry land with NO pain relief. I've often heard people say that you forget the pain after a while..? haha unlikely.

I then lost 1.7 litres of blood due to a retained placenta and went straight to theatre to have that ‘sorted’. I may have needed a blood transfusion, but somehow by body managed ok. The average to lose is about 500ml. 

Mabel was born with a cleft palette and a heart murmur. To look at you wouldn’t know, but a cleft palette means there’s a gap in the roof of her mouth which will require surgery at around 9 months old. 

Our extended stay in hospital has been establishing Mabel’s feeding (and my recovery) as without the roof of her mouth she is unable to latch like normal babies. We’ve had great support from the cleft team who are helping Mabel with special bottles to get her on track, otherwise she requires tube feeding (which is in the pic). Instead of being on her back like 'normal' babies, Mabel is to remain on her side with a cushion behind her to prevent her rolling back. 

It’s not something that is picked up on an ultrasound, so it’s all a bit of a surprise. She’s doing great and is getting chubbier by the day. She’s now off the heart monitor as all has improved over the last few days. 

Koala bear

Koala bear

So after graduating from what felt like 'new mum school', we are home. If anyone needs a lesson on sterilising/tube feeding/expressing/bottle feeds - I’m your girl. 

Made it to the end of the road - baby steps.

Made it to the end of the road - baby steps.

Frankie is still a little unsure about our new resident, his head is resting on the keyboard as I type just so I don't forget he's there. We managed a family dog walk yesterday with Mabel wrapped up like a koala bear where Frankie was starting to come round to the idea of sharing the humans.

Between all the health professional visitors we are slowly getting back to a normal routine where Edition 12 updates will resume. 

Thank you so much to all of those who have wished us well, we feel incredibly lucky and beyond grateful for the support and of course little Mabel.

All the best,

Harriet, Jonathan, Frankie and Mabel


Still working on that brother sister bond.

Still working on that brother sister bond.