Edition 12

Leather Care

Treated well your leather products should last a lifetime.

Our leathers age gently over time, colours naturally change and darken and each piece develops a distinct and unique character. Here are a few tips to keep your items looking their best... 

Colour Transfer

With all dyed and painted products there is a risk of pigment rubbing off the straps when they are new.  You can treat the leather with a neutral leather cream if the colour transfer persists. 


Try not to expose your product to extreme weather conditions, sun and rain in particular as direct heat or sunlight over prolonged periods may cause the leather to crack and colour to fade unevenly.  If leather gets too wet, dry it slowly. Speed drying leather changes its chemical structure, and you end up with stiff crinkle cut leather. So aim for room temperature drying with rather than direct heat. Keep it in the shape you want it to end up, as leather will remember the shape it was when wet. 


Regular conditioning will prevent the leather from drying out and keep it supple, particularly if it has been exposed to long periods of hot sun or dampness. Always apply product to the cloth first rather than directly onto the leather and always test a small discrete area such as the inside first. 

Marks and scratches 

Natural finish leathers - rub with a little pressure from your finger which replaces the natural oils. Ink marks, grease and oil stains are usually not removable and should be left alone or taken to a professional cleaner. 


Powder-coated fittings, although hard wearing are not completely scratch proof. The colours we offer for our hardware are unique to Edition 12 and are coated by us, every measure is taken to produce a long-lasting finish, although scratches may occur with prolonged wear.